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Asaka'ni'no aba'toma (Greetings everyone!) My name is Kalichi, Taino for "fountain of the high mountain," my birthname given by my parents. I am from the island of Borikén where my roots are tied to my name and my connection to nature.

I have an M.S. and M.A. degree in Psychology and Arts in Medicine, (art as a holistic modality for mind/body wellness) and have worked professionally with cancer patients, the elderly, patients with dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and movement disorders. I entered this career from personal experience with illness when my father passed from Pancreatic cancer and when I was a co-caregiver for my grandmother with dementia. Creativity is what helped me cope through those difficult times.

In addition to my career and studies, I am a proud member of the Higuayagua Taino of the Caribbean tribe, an organization that focuses on the continuation of Taino culture through education, spirituality, community gatherings, and language revitalization. Within Higuayagua, I assist the language preservation team with language lessons, curriculum development, and panel discussions with the community.

As an artist, I run this small shop where I create woodburned art pieces for the home and sacred spaces. As an art healer, I provide creative wellness sessions to ease stress, promote relaxation and mindfulness through the creative process. Sessions are currently on hold as I venture into a new creative wellness journey.

Previous collaborations included creating art pieces with other Taino artists and organizing creative wellness sessions for clientele of a local small business and university organizations. Moreover, I was a featured artist in CanvasRebel Magazine and was the chosen cover artist for the Spring 2021 issue of Yellow Arrow Publishing Journal.

Through my wood-burnings, I express my indigenous roots. It's a personal connection to nature as the smoke envelops my own incense and prayer infused into each piece. I also create from dreams and Spirit, where each creation is like carving a Cemi to honor my ancestors. More importantly, I create to inspire others to reconnect to self, nature, and Spirit.

Ahan Katu

(So be it)

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