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I thoroughly enjoyed a creative wellness meditation session with Kalichi! I left with more love, light, and wisdom than I came in with. So grateful for this experience and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a bit of guilt free relaxation.


I was able to attend the “paint your breath” art for wellness session, one-on-one with Kalichi, and it was very healing. Kalichi created a safe space where I was able to speak freely and allow the painting to flow seamlessly, creating a meaningful piece of artwork. Thank you Kalichi for such an uplifting and healing session. Looking forward to more in the future!


I absolutely love Kalichi's work. The things she creates are so beautiful and you can tell how much intention and thought goes into each piece. Would definitely recommend!


I Love my medicine bag!! I Can’t wait to dance with it 💕🙌🏽 Very good quality


This evening was so needed. Hahom 'itu Kalichi for your amazing event tonight. It really inspired me to be intentional about giving myself space to stop, celebrate who we are, appreciate blessings and continue to express myself through arts. I have come to find the canvas and paints have given me a path to engage in mindfulness, to focus and feel my current emotions... to process! It has also given me the opportunity to practice connection. I use it as a time to connect with the ancestors and speak to them. I use it as a time of devotion to those who have come before me, and I thank them. I thank the earth and all of the resources it provides. May we all continue to pull from our ancestral gifts to continue and strengthen our connections to our community, to our land, to our mind and soul. Taino-ti


Poetry alive is the perfect name for this workshop because I felt so alive and connected and in alignment while we were in this workshop from start to finish!
Kalichi is so generous with her medicine and gentle kindness and opened up such a meditative and welcoming space for us to connect and create and release together. She helped me to be vulnerable with ME! To create from a place of honoring myself and my expression instead of from a place of exhibition or judgement. The joy I feel after this experience tells me I need to allow myself to feel this freedom of expression more often and I’m so so grateful for this experience to help me get started. Gracias Kalichi!!!!


We attended one of Kalichi's workshops and really enjoyed it! She created a wonderful, safe, and welcoming environment that allowed us to feel comfortable and present as we engaged with the creative and meditative activity. The small intimate setting was perfect and we felt very connected to the other participants. We are looking forward to the next workshop!

Ra & Yacely

These spoons are all beautiful and it was so difficult to choose one because they are each so amazing! Shipping was fast and to my surprise, the spoon came in a beautiful little drawstring bag with the same taíno symbol on it! I love everything about this purchase! My Taíno culture is so important to me and I love to see all the taíno artist staying true to our culture. I’ll be using this spoon for our dry goods. Absolutely amazing shop and shop owner! I’ll be back for more!


Medicine Pouch - Absolutely beautiful and perfect to carry my tobacco for ceremonial purposes <3


I love the sacred intentions and love put into Kalichi’s creations. The cosmic Taino spiral means so much to me as a Boricua, so I was really happy to see this wooden spoon with that design. It came with a beautiful natural woven bag with the cosmic Taino spiral on it as well. I have also purchased Atabey art from Kalichi and she did amazing work in channeling the energy of this ancestral Goddess. Support this shop! Great communication, energy, and sacred meaningful art.


I cannot express how BEAUTIFUL the little bamboo spoons are! The pictures really don't do them justice. The lines are super clear, straight, and show how much time and effort went in artistically creating them. I had a bit of a mailing issue, but Kalichi handled it with grace and swiftness -- and soon enough I got my package as promised. Not only that, but she sent me another bag of goodies as a gift for the trouble. The bamboo spoons come in a little pouch that has one of the many Taino symbols on them (also drawn beautifully). I also purchased a leather medicine pouch and can say the color was such a bright and deep red that revealed how great the quality of leather was! All of her products make me feel so much more at home with my ancestry. I've already bragged about Kalichi's store to all my friends. She is such a sweetheart and I will definitely be buying more products in the future!


Beautiful and powerful incense holder! I feel so close to my Taino ancestors when I receive a new piece from this shop. Arrived fast, beautifully and safely wrapped, and it came with incense sticks too! Jajom nitu! I love her so much!


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